Coaching education

The Coaching Education from the Swedish Floorball Academy is about giving you as a coach for a floorball team the right tools and know-how for you to be able to make the best out of your team and players.

The base in the education is KeyFloorball, the model which contains the methodology as well as practical exercises that will make your players more advanced and skilled technically.

The instructor giving the coaching education always takes the experience and knowledge of the coaches in consideration, and the best way for the coaches to really benefit from the course is if they in some way are at the same level of experience and knowledge.

After you've done the course, you will have received a basic review/quick repetation of KeyFloorball, a lecture on what an effective training should contain and look like , what you should think about when it comes to methodology and efficient use of the training time as well as a practical instructions of a couple of important tecniques and exercises created to enhance the technical skill of the players.

The Coaching Education from the Swedish Floorball Academy often takes place in your own premises, where one or two of our instructors comes out to you to educate you.

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