KeyFloorball (earlier called Keymodel) is the unique model from the Swedish Floorball Academy for developing floorball players. The model will enhance the players ball treatment, pass, receivement, shot, understanding of the game, balans and body tecnique.

KeyFloorball for goalkeepers will develop their body tecnique, balance, placement, throw, infighting, abbility to react and understanding of the game. 

KeyFloorball will make the training session more fun, mostly because the players rapid improvement of their individual technical skill.

Who developed KeyFloorball?

The founders of KeyFloorball are the former world champion and swedish champion Jonathan Kronstrand together with the well recognized junior coach Joachim Borgqvist who today is the head coach for the SSL-team Järfälla Spiders.

KeyFloorball for goalkeepers is developed together with Mårten Blixt, one of the worlds best goalkeepers of al time!