KeyFloorball training

Training according to the model KeyFloorball, with a certified instructor from the Swedish Floorball Academy.

Conditions for success

If you want to give your floorball team the conditions for quick development with the game, the Swedish Floorball Academy KeyFloorball training is a good way to go.

We will give one or several training sessions, according to your need.

Exercises for different areas of the game

The Swedish Floorball Academy has developed a model - KeyFloorball - for the development of skilled players. In KeyFloorball the game is divided into different areas; ball treatment, pass, receive, shot and play. In the different areas there are exercises that will help you and your team to develop within that area.

Different levels of difficulty

The exercises can be performed in three different levels of difficulty, which makes the same exercise effective to use for both beginners and players in an advanced level.

Prices and practical information

One training session cost 2500 sek for al swedish teams, and lasts for approximately 60 minutes.  Travel expences and VAT will be added to this price.

You can book a KeyFloorball session with one of our instructors, who will then come to your team to give you the training session at your location.

Please contact us for more information and booking!