Nutrition course

To be able to make the best out of a floorball training, the players need to plan their diet well. Protein, carbohydrates, fat and water together with vitamines and minerales must be added in the right amount, and preferably at the right time.

Our experts are well aware of the newest research in the area, and with their help you can enhance your teams performance. Our nutricion courses are adjusted after age and experience, with the aim to simplify and make the diet more effective. We also talk about common myths regarding diet and sports.

Beginners and children 7-12 years

We look in to the relation between food and how the muscels gets energi, and the importance of eating a varied diet. 

Youth and seniors 13-18 years 

We talk about what the body and the food are made of, and with what food you will satisfy the bodys need of different substances. We also go through basic diet planning and timing, e.g. carbohydrate boost and recovery. We will also talk about nutritional supplements and doping.

Advanced and elite

The most advanced nutrition course will go in to more depth regarding nutrition knowledge and timing of nourishment according to the latest research, e.g. amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. The focus is on how to change the body structure through a planned diet. We also talk about nutritional supplements and doping.

Diet guidance

Apart from the different courses with lectures the Swedish Floorball Academy also offer personal diet guidance to whole teams or individual players. We make a diet analysis which we follow up with a diet plan to optimize the effect of the training, recovery and performance.

Please contact us for more information or booking of a Nutrition course!