Here you can read more about Team Cup in april 2018

Date, location and age groups

Selected Team Cup april 2018 is played in Karlstad the following dates.

20 - 22 april boys born 02 and 03

27 - 29 april boys born 04 and 05

Arenas, accomodation and food

The cup is arranged in Karlstad Innebandyarena with three arenas under the same roof. In order to give the teams the best conditions to perform at their best through the tournament, we have chosen to place the accommodation at Scandic hotel in central Karlstad for all teams. The food is served at restaurant Kasernhöjden, nearby Tingvallahallarna where the participants can choose between three courses at every meal (lunch and dinner) and also soup as a fourth alternative.


Breakfast buffé in every hotel.
Supper is also possibly to book and buy in the hotel. 

Lunch and dinner served at Restaurang Kasernhöjden (walking distance from Karlstad Floorball Arena) where the participants can choose from three dishes for both lunch and dinner, as well as soup, bread and sallad.

Lunch 11:00-14:00
Dinner 17:00-20:00


The option is available to apply for exemptions for players.
All exemptions shall be made in writing and approved by the cup's organising committee.
However, exemptions must be applied for no later than three weeks before the cup starts.

Games and Rules

Selected Team cup is played according to the rules and regulations of the Swedish Floorball Federation. 

Playing time 3 x 15 minutes, rolling time. 
All teams are guaranteed 5 games.
Time-out is promitted in every game.

The chart calculated as below:

  • Points
  • Goal differens
  • Most goals
  • Mutual matches
  • Lottery

Play offs
In draw games: 5 minutes Sudden-death, then penalty shots (3 shots/team, sudden shots.) 


Selected TeamCup trophy is awarded to winner and runner­‐up.
Specially designed Selected TeamCup medals for teams placed 1–3.


Do you have any questions or need more information. Do not hesitate to contact us.

The Selected Team cup office is open Monday- Friday 9 am to 4 pm.

Dan Lundqvist phone +46 (0)735 – 26 64 33