Physique course

Improve your physique

To be able to improve your performance in floorball you need to improve your physique. With the Physique course from the Swedish Floorball Academy you and your team will have access to the latest studies and knowledge about to traint to improve your physique. 

Effective and complete training

To know how to traint you must know how different types of training effect your body. We will tell you how the players in your team will be faster, stronger and get in better shape. We will also talk about how you can improve the learning of technical skill and train more effective.

Practical review of the physique training 

Apart from the lectures about how to improve your physique, the instructors can also give you a practival review on how to do it. This will also include a test of the status of the players, with a individual plan on how to improve. 

Adjusted degree of difficulty

The lectures and practical exercies will be adjusted due to the age and level of knowledge of the participants of the course. You can book us for your youth team as well as elite team. 

Please contact us for more information and booking of your Physique course!