Selected Player

Selected Player is the concept for talent development in Swedish Floorball Academy. 

In Selected we work with you as a player, individually, and our goal is that you will develop to the benefit of both your self and the team you play in.

It's not our main object to build teams, even if you as a Selected player will fill a position in a temporary team. The only reason for the temporary selected teams is that you as a player will have the posibility to really improve yourself and your skill, in the right position in a team, together with others as motivated as you.

The Swedish Floorball Federation is the organization who is in charge of the swedish National team.
We - the Swedish Floorball Academy don't build the National team, but has a goal to build talents and individuals who will have a place in the National team eventually. 

KeyFloorball is the base

The education in Selected is based on KeyFloorball, a model who develops the players ball treatment, pass, receivement, shot, understanding of the game, balans and body technique. KeyFloorball for goal keepers improves their body technique,  body tecnique, balance, placement, throw, infighting, abbility to react and understanding of the game.

Selected = chosen

One of the basic ideas in Selected Player is that we invite players who meet our requirements to participate and get the possibility to further develop as a player. For this reason it's not possible to apply for a place in a Selected Player Camp. Only invited players can participate.

The selection of players is done through the staff from the Swedish Floorball Academy, but we also have contact with coaches and others with knowledge who recommend players to us.